About Jana Helps

My Secret

I’ve been working with my team since 2013 - we help you and your family enjoy life taking away those household chores! Just imagine coming home to a beautifully clean, fresh-smelling house – and it’s not a dream it’s reality!

Above all I understand what you want and where your priorities lie, I’m a housewife too. I value and protect the relationships I have built with my clients for our mutual benefit.

In 2018 we were invited to undertake a community cleaning contract, this, in turn, led to the office and commercial cleaning. I and the team apply the underlying Jana Helps philosophy of service and economic solutions stemming from first establishing and understanding your needs.


My Team
Hand-picked, the team have been chosen for their skill, attention to detail and work ethic so that you get a good job delivered within a budget week in week out. Where practical I do try to keep team members allocated to clients so that they can learn and adapt to your needs.


How I Built My Business
Simple really; satisfied clients’ and introductions to their friends



We agree on a frequency of bookings with you; whether that be daily, several times a week, weekly, fortnightly or ad-hoc with a standing arrangement to attend on a particular day within an agreed time band to deliver either the time you have booked or an agreed work schedule which may vary from week to week or occasion to occasion.

We hold keys and operate alarms and security systems as required.


Cleaning materials and equipment are provided by you and kept in your home. For everyone’s benefit, I suggest they are people and environmentally friendly and meet current Health & Safety standards. I am always ready to recommend the materials which we have used and find produce a quality result.


Our pricing is simple and transparent; we agree on an hourly rate with you and how many hours you wish you wish to budget for. No worries about remembering to have or handling cash – payment is made direct to us in a convenient and easy way.