Frequently asked questions

We’re going away, who should we tell?

Please email or text the inclusive dates; we may be able to offer your Service Provider alternative work on those dates.

Why do you charge a cancellation fee?

Charges are made at our discretion according to a sliding scale within 72 hours of the booking, to protect the income stream of your Service Provider many of whom are single mum’s. What they earn from their work is an essential part of their household income! Each Payment Request outlines what you might be expected to pay if you cancel your booking.

Why is it difficult to change my booking time or day?

The majority of Service Providers have nearly full diaries which we manage for them within an agreed set of rules. Unfortunately, unless we can see a straight swap or, as sometimes happens have a cancellation a small change might entail asking a chain of many clients all to change their bookings, which often proves impossible!

Why must I provide the products and equipment?

We believe it is in the interests of you and your family to respect the sterility of and reduce the risks of bringing infections into your home. You may also have products which you prefer, or manufacturers of your appliances and surfaces have specified to either supplement or in place of our recommended list. Several our team walk, cycle or travel on public transport between bookings; carrying equipment and products isn’t feasible in these circumstances.

Why do we get a Payment Request each week and with so much information?

Our Payment Request serves to advise you what is being charged and by what method you will pay or have paid for the services provided. The lower part details your next booking.

We have a security camera, webcam or other time recording device, what should we do?

We understand the need for these systems as does your Service Provider, they are aware such devices may be in use and not uncommon

How do I stop your services?

We prefer not to ‘lock’ you into our services. If circumstances change or you are unhappy, we may be able to provide a solution. You can stop our service at any time without notice; however, a cancellation fee is payable for bookings cancelled within 72 hours of the booking or terminated on the day. These are specified on our Payment Request in the Next Booking section.